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03-29-90 Nassau 2nd set Estimated, DarkSt*r, DrumZ, DarkSt*r, Throwing Stones, Lovelight. *with Branford

09-16-90 M.S.G, NY 1st set Hell, Cold Rain, Rooster, Stagger Lee, Queen Jane, T. Jed, Cassidy, Deal, Baby Blue

09-16-90 M.S.G, NY 2nd set Samson&Delilah, Iko Iko, LLrain, He's Gone,  

10-20-90 Berlin, W.Germany 2nd set Eyes, Samson, Ship, Dark *, Drumz, Space, Dark *, Throwing Stones, NFA, E: Sat Nite

11-01-90 Wembley Arena, England
1st set
: Hell In A Bucket, Friend of the Devil, Walkin' Blues, Cold Rain & Snow, Mama Tried, Maggie's Farm, Cassidy, Stander On The Mountain

2nd set: Victim Or The Crime, Touch Of Grey, Playin' In The Band (fadeout), Playin' In The Band, Dark Star > Drums > Space > Dark Star, Playing In The Band Reprise, Moon Intro-Wharf Rat, Throwing Stones, Not Fade Away, US Blues (encore)

11-03-91 Golden Gate Park Tribute to Bill Graham Hell,China/Rider, WangDang(*), BornOnTheBayou(**), BadMoonRising(**), ProudMary(**), Truckin', OtherOne, Wharfrat, SugarMag, ForeverYoung(***), Touch,Amazing Grace(****).   * w/ J.Popper      ** w/ J.Fogarty *** w/ N.Young   ****w/J.Baez

03-21-91 Landover, MD Capital Cntr. 2nd set   Victim, Scarlet> Fire> JAM> Drumz/S  p   a  c  e> GDTRFB, Throwing> NFA, E: Box of Rain

04-01-91 Greensboro, NC. Greensboro Coliseum 1st set  Jack Straw, Peggy-O, All over now, Candyman, Tom Thumb Blues, ??, Birdsong   W/ Bruce Hornsby

04-01-91 Greensboro, NC. Greensboro Coliseum 2nd set  China Cat >Rider, Lrain, Dark St*r(jam), Drumz/ Space > Playin', Black Peter, Lovelight, E: Baby Blue

09-26-91 Boston Gardens 2nd set DarkSt*r, Sain, Eyes, DRUMZ/SPACE, Ohter1, DarkSt*r, Attics, GoodLovin', E:Brokedown, Bid u goodnite

17-03-95 Philadelphia
1st set Here comes sunshine, Wang Dang Doodle, Peggy-o, Queen Jane Approx, Lazy River Road, Eternity, Loose Lucy, China Cat > IKYR, Samba in the Rain.