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1980 Dead Shows

02-26-8 Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
Feel like a stranger, Althea, Little Red Rooster, Bird Song, Me & My Uncle, Big River, Ten. Jed, Passenger, Peggy-O, TMNS, China Cat > Rider, Samson & Delilah, He'sGone, Drums/Spaaaaaaaaace > Truckin', Black Peter, GDTRFB, Johnny B. Goode E:US Blues

03-28-81 Grugga Halle Essey, West Germany 2ndset  Estimated,He's Gone,Other One,DrumzSpace,NFA(*),Wharf Rat(*),Around + Around(*),Good Lovin', E:Sat.Nite  (*) with Pete Townshend

04-17-82 Hartford, Ct 2ndset  Shakedown, Lost Sailor, Saint of Circumstance, DRUMZ/SPACE, UncleJohn's, NFA> WharfRat, Around2, E:Sat.Nite  

08-03-82 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City 1stset  1/2 Step, Franklins, Minglewood, Peggy-O, El Paso, Cumberland, Althea,Cassidy, RxR Blues, Women Are Smarter, Might As Well, E: KC Jones

05-23-82 Greek Theatre 2ndset  Scarlet>Fire, Samson&Delilah, Drumz(cut), Other One, Stella Blue, Miracle, KC Jones

03-19-86 Hampton Roads, VA 1stset  Hell, Stagger Lee, CCRider, Cold Rain n Snow, BIODTL, RR Blues,LLrain, Visions of Johanna, TMNS, Don't Ease Me In    

12-27-86 Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center

Set 1: Playin>Bertha, Mama Tried>Mexicali, Ramble On Rose, Little Red Rooster, Bird Song
Set 2: The Mighty Quinn, Dancing In The Streets>Black Muddy River>Playin' jam>I Need A Miracle>Drums>Space>Truckin'>Smokestack Lightning>Comes a Time>Around and Around>Playin'
Encore: When Push Comes To Shove

06-29-86 part A part B Alpine Valley, East Troy, Wisconsin 2ndset  Shakedown, Estimated, Eyes, DrumZ>S P A C E > Cryptical, Wharf Rat, Throwing Stones, NFA, US Blues

07-01-85 Merriweather Post 2ndset  Scarlet, Fire, Playin', UJB, Drumz/Space, Fantasy, GDTRFB, Good Lovin, E: Satisfaction

07-02-85 Pittsburgh, Civic Center 2ndset   mansmart, crazyfingers, lost sailorst of circumstance,terrapin drumz, SPACE, WharfRat, Throwin', Lovelite, Revolution, Brokedown.

10-29-85 Fox Theatre, Atlanta 2ndset  half step, franklin's, sailor, saint, crazy fingers, DRUMZ >S P A C E < wheel, other one, wharf rat, E: johnny B.

10-03-87 part 1 part 2 Shoreline 1stset  Hey PockyWay, Minglewood, Candyman, Addams Theme, Masterpiece, WestL.A, Esau, Birdsong, TMNS

10-03-87 Shoreline 2ndset  Maggies, Cumberland, LLRain, Terrapin, Drumz, Space, Other One, Stella, Throwin', Lovelite. E:Quinn

09-04-88 Centrum in Worcester, Mass  Hell, IkoIko, llrain, Terrapin, Drumz-Space, GDTRFB, Miracle, Fantasy>HeyJude, Throwin',NFA

05-06-89 Frost Amphitheatre Palo Alto, CA 1stset Jack Straw, Peggy-O, Walkin' Blues, TLEO, Race is On, West L.A fade, Just a little lite, Queen Jane, China Cat>Rider.

05-06-89 Frost Amphitheatre Palo Alto, CA 2ndset ltgtr,hey pocky way,samson and delilah,ship of fools,playin in the band,eyes of the world,drumz/space,take u home,the wheel,i need a miracle,wharf rat,around and around,not fade away,*Missing Encore: Black Muddy River

07-18-89 Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Touch Of Gray, Jack Straw, Jack A Roe, Minglewood Blues, Friend Of The Devil, Memphis Blues, Bird Song, Promised Land Sugar Magnolia-> Scarlet Begonias-> Women Are Smarter-> Eyes Of The World-> Drums-> Space-> China Doll-> Dear Mr. Fantasy-> Hey Jude Reprise-> Throwing Stones-> Sunshine Daydream, E: The Mighty Quinn